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All cakes are baked to order, using fresh ingredients - not packet mixes!
Below are some of our most popular flavours, but please do let me know if there’s a particular flavour you would like.

Traditional vanilla
Vanilla sponge filled with vanilla buttercream and seedless raspberry jam

Chocolate cake with a choice of vanilla; chocolate; caramel; raspberry*; mint; peanut-butter buttercream, Biscoff buttercream*

Chocolate-orange sponge, filled with orange curd and chocolate buttercream

Chocolate-Hazelnut *
Chocolate sponge with roasted hazelnut nibs, filled with chocolate hazelnut buttercream (inspired by Ferrero Rocher)

Chocolate-Coconut - NEW!
Chocolate & coconut sponge filled with coconut buttercream (inspired by Bounty Bar)

Piña Colada * - NEW!
Coconut sponge filled with home-made pineapple jam and rum buttercream.

Zesty lemon sponge, filled with lemon curd buttercream

Lemon & Elderflower
Light lemon sponge with an elderflower flavour buttercream. Light, fresh, floral - perfect for summer…

Champagne & Strawberry *
Champagne flavour sponge, filled with real strawberry buttercream

Coconut & Passion Fruit *
Coconut sponge, filled with passion fruit curd buttercream

Red Velvet

Cherry Bakewell
Almond flavour sponge with cherry jam & cherry buttercream

Chocolate sponge, filled with coffee buttercream

Cookies & Cream
Layers of chocolate and/or vanilla sponges, filled with Oreo buttercream

Coffee Sponge
Coffee sponge, filled with coffee buttercream

Coffee & Walnut *
Coffee sponge with walnut pieces, filled with coffee buttercream

Baileys *
Baileys sponge with Bailey’s buttercream

Pistachio & Rose *
Pistachio sponge, filled with rose flavour buttercream

Caramel flavour sponge with caramel flavour buttercream

Rich fruit cake *

* denotes premium flavours which will incur a small surcharge.